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Talk at inauguration ceremony

Maharshi Hall sun star

Bhanu Didi

admist the flock

Maharshi Hall Boone

Guru'full moon'

Heavenly mountains - view from the dining hall

Swami from Hrishikesh

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Thoughts are like bubbles, they come and go

Homa on inaugaration day

Guru Puja- Guru principle pervades every particle of universe

Guru is like a child Handle with care not fragile but delicate

Blessings :)

Guru Puja- Honoring the Guru Tattva ( principle )


Inaugaration of International center for well being

Inaugaration of International center for well being admist senators

are you happy ?:)

Boone, Heavenly mountains vista from dining hall


my course


the pink paws


Heanvenly Light

Cloud formations - Maharshi Hall

Rolling Mist on the mountains